Your stylish & functional line of defence against the Covina Virus and other airborne pollutants. 

Handmade in our Toronto workshop with a liner pocket that fits a N95 filter.  Each mask comes with your choice of 1 or 3 N95 filters and elastic loops or tie straps.  Offering you the best protection against airborne particles.  

The 'Breastplate’ has been a military mainstay in armour and protection since ancient times.  To Equestrians a staple in tack and equipment what better name for our modern day protective accessory!

Option of 'STANDING' or 'RUNNING' attachment available to solve forgotten masks :D Your chic solution to hands free adventures where need to take your mask on and off often.  The best part is after we beat COVID your have a beautiful necklace or necklace(chocker) and anklet natural crystal jewellery to enjoy.  

Keep safe & THANK YOU for your support. 

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